Wednesday, 29 July 2009


How many friends have you got on Facebook?

I've got 156. Out of the 156 'friends', there are only a handful that I communicate with on a regular basis. I don't really like to add just any tom, dick and harry who asked to be my 'friend' on FB. I don't see the point. When I want a friend on FB, I want someone that will really BE a friend and share funny stories, status updates and nice pictures.

A colleague at work told me one day that he's got 900 odd friends on his FB. 900????!!! You have got to be joking. But then again, he's 18 with an active social life. I needn't say more.

I have rejected many 'friends'. Some people might think that's being rude. Like I said, I don't see the point. I am quite happy with the friends I've got and I intend to keep it that way and 'filter' my friend requests.

Of course, having said that, it is always nice to find a long, lost friend from the dinosaur age when you were in kindergarten together. I found one like that not long ago, or rather, she found me. So it was a happy reunion with lots of picture viewing and comment exchanging. It's easier when people 'retain' their names they were known as in primary and secondary schools. Things tend to get a bit complicated when people start 'giving' themselves Western names like Apple, Grapes, Oranges, Cherries (no offence Sheriza, that's your given name so you're fine) or Lemons.

So when you get a friend request from a 'Lemon' so and so, you crack your head thinking -- who the heck is that??!! Where have I known her before??!! I wish I could remember who she is !! Arggggghhhh !!! You know what I mean?

I am glad I am known as Peng Peng and will always be known as Peng Peng, although some customers at work prefer calling me 'Pengy' and my other half sometimes calls me 'Pingu', after the cartoon penguin.

It's 9pm now, *yawn*... I have a long day tomorrow. So I think I'm going upstairs, have a shower and snuggle under the very soft, light and pure duck down duvet.... nightie night.


eugene said...

cant agree with you more,i dont have many on my FB, just those that i would say hi to on a regular basis....

hey dropping again as promised

tiee said...

Indeed! I wonder why they use different names?

PengPeng彬彬 said...

in the name of glamour and fashion, haha.

ash said...

so why's it tiee?
and contessa became 'rain pebble' today. cracked my head wondering who the heck is rain pebble until i saw her picture.
and some of my childhood friends probably wondered who 'ashley' you, i have quite a lot of friends on fb, but i've since changed my settings so that only 30 or so dear friends can see anything i post. getting more solitary and paranoid in my old age!

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